The Journey

Miteau Francois aka Miteau Montana, born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti moved to the United States at the age of eight. In the U.S, things were tough, at first, for Francois and his family. He never had a real home due to constant moves between Orlando to Miami. After the last move back to Orlando, Francois and his family finally settled for good.

Francois interest in fashion began at a very young age. He recalls getting dressed up for trips to the grocery store with his mom and being excited about how it felt like an enormous even. The small fashion seeds blossomed into a garden when he saw Kanye performing at the VMA’s in 2010. Kanye West wore an all red suit with gold chains on and Francois remembers watching the performance and saying, “Damn, this guy is fresh as f**k.” Through his teenage years, he became obsessed with unique styles such as ones on display like Kanye, Pharrell, Ralph Lauren, Raf Simmons, Heron Preston, and Kid Cudi. He wanted to be as fashionable as these icons but soon realized that being fashionable meant not only being confident with what you’re wearing but also being happy with the skin you’re in.

When Francois started college, he realized that he not only wanted to wear fashionable clothes but to also make them. Through some trials and tribulations, Simply Steez was created. “I just want to leave my mark on this world and want to someday go back and help Haiti.”. While Francois is an entrepreneur, he is a philanthropist at heart and wants to make a huge impact on the world. When talking about his parents he smiles and says that he would like to “ repay them for all they’ve done for me.” While the journey from Haiti to Simply Steez wasn’t easy, Francois likes to use the words of Kevin Garnett in the 2008 NBA finals. If you follow your dreams, “Anything is possible.”